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1Can People with Gluten Intolerance and Celiac eat Sourdough?

Because a REAL sourdough process pre-processes the gluten for you, there are many people with these conditions who can eat a real sourdough without any negative effects.

Many people with these conditions have told me that they can eat this bread.  However, I always recommend a cautious test before diving in.  This is because there are some who can not eat any gluten containing breads whatsoever. No matter how it is processed.

2How old is your start?
I get this question a lot.

My sourdough start does not have a storied career as a 750 year old start from Scotland served to William Wallace before its war of independence against England.

My start begin in the fall of 2018 in the small and humble village of Springville, Utah. It began its life as 1 cup of flour and 1 1/2 cup of water. It spent 3 days exposed to the sweet natural yeasts of the Utah air, and bubbled happily as I fed it.

Today it is a robust yearling stored in the fridge and fed daily, sharing its energy and life with you through every loaf that it makes.

That is the story of my start, and the start of my story. 🙂

3How long do you proof (raise) your bread?
It varies depending upon the flavor.   But, proofing takes anywhere between 10 - 12 hours.
4Do you have a baking schedule?


We start out the week with Monday being our mixing day.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we mix and bake.

And we end the week on Friday with a baking day.

As far as flavors go, much of that depends on orders.  But, our most popular flavors follow this baking schedule:

  • Tuesday - White & Seeded
  • Wednesday - White & Rosemary
  • Thursday - White, Seeded & Rosemary
  • Friday - White, Flavor of the Month, and some catch up batches. 🙂
5Do you take flavor suggestions?


Please use the contact information at the top or bottom of the page to send me your suggestion.

6Why is your Seeded loaf smaller than the other flavors?

It's smaller in dimensions but not by weight because it is more dense than the other loaves.